I have been in the health industry for more than twenty-five years.  I have always believed that keeping healthy is an ongoing practice.  A journey we all have to take.

We are all blessed with strengths and weaknesses, which we need to work with to be healthy.  

Eating correctly for your body, to boost your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses is so important. Exercising and develop  spiritually is key and, of course, loving life and being thankful for what we are and have is vital.

 However we can do all the correct things, Yet if we carry negative emotions or trauma in our body we will never achieve our full potential.

This has been an ongoing learning curve for me.  An exciting road to travel.  I have had the privilege of working at some amazing places. 

First, I worked at a hydro out in Eastern Transvaal.  Practising my therapies and going on ongoing courses also learning loads about cleansing the body and nutrition. 3 years then moved on.

I worked at a clinic ‘Life Science clinic’  in Muldersdrift.   A wonderful learning experience.  We were in contact with cases of cancers, M.E, Diabetes, Skin disorders as well as kidney stones. Learnt loads again about cleansing the body, releasing negative emotions and nutrition.  In this time I completed a lymph drainage course, an Indian head and scalp massage course.  I  studied the Hygienist approach to health, Iridology and a Hydrotherm massage.   A rewarding 3 ½ years!

I started my own business from home and built up a very busy practice.  After about 4 years my life took a major turn.  I became a mum! This was for me a profound and life - changing experience and I took off time. A lot of time!  

No one prepares you for this journey and boy it can be challenging at times! but awesome, magical, rewarding and loads of lessons, especially about yourself.

A friend and fellow Reflexologist organised a Thai foot massage course.  This began my love for Thai.  I followed up 2 years later with Thai introduction, level 1 and 2.   Once you start this journey you cannot stop!  I then did an Oriental sports massage course (a combination of sports massage and Thai stretches) and Advanced Thai, later I did the Lomi lomi massage course.  Then became a teacher in Thai therapies.  I also studied Indian mini face lift and copper bowl foot therapy for acid release, relaxation and balance.

In 2014 a friend of mine asked me to be one of her case studies for T.R.E.  i had had to stop giving therapies as i had developed a frozen shoulder and hip problems.  Most probably due to years of deep massage.

I was busy studying Kinesiology, finished my first 3 modules and i had to decide if i was going to continue.   After my first T.R.E session i felt so amazing and new i had stumbled onto an amazing body based therapy.  Something that will empower people.  Help individuals release the negative they have stored in their body and so much more.

 I have now completed my level 1 and level 2 T.R.E.  My new journey begins.  I am so excited about this therapy.  It is helping me reach  where and who i want to be.  I have released old hurts, loss, trauma in my life that i did not realise i had not.   T.R.E   has helped me not only emotionally, mentally but physically too.  My shoulder and hip pain has 95% improved, my shoulder movement is 85% improved.  Amazing results.

I have seen such profound results with myself and the client that i have had the privilege to work with so far.

I would love to share T.R.E with you.  I am looking forward to meeting you, helping you with your magical healing journey.